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I’ve being trying to write down what I have in mind for the last couple of days, but I can’t, I have too many things in my mind to just write some of them and furthermore, the most important in a clear way. But suddenly, my sister, who has had a lot of experiences similar to my past couple of months lost in the Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, after watching the couple of thousand pictures of this trip, wrote and sent me this little piece of art.

al horizonte

Great adventurers say that the final destination is always just an excuse, that the most important thing is the journey by itself. Travel kilometers and kilometers of ruined roads, get to forgotten or lost places and challenge nature who tries to make us desist more than once. But thats just a part of the journey, is the exciting part, the challenge in front of us that we gladly accept.

Why travel? We have been asked a lot of times, and then we smile. We smile while we remember the sunsets over glaciers, over frozen seas, over snowed mountains, over endless fields, when we remember the smile of friends who we may never see again who in such a short encounter gave us the best of themselves. When we remember lots of nights gathered around a fire telling our stories to captive listeners or listening to the most incredible adventures from the adventurers themselves.

No, there is not a reason to travel, there are a lot. Millions! One for each place, for each person, for each landscape, for each hill, for each challenge, for each friend who fed our way with their experiences, encouraging us to go on.

Journeys give us not just an adventure, they give us a life experience.

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