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El centro de Madrid es Sol, o Puerta del Sol, que no solo es casi el centro geográfico de España, sino centro social, es de lo más común oir “nos vemos a las 11 en el oso y de alli vemos qué pedo” o en el “kilómetro cero”.

Esta es una foto tomada exactamente aqui (o bueno, metros mas, metros menos) viendo hacia el oeste.

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3 thoughts on “Sol”

  1. Hi! Actually this is kind of weird.
    Last week, in barcelona I found a little card with an awesome picture (a red sky with someone at the top of a hill), and also had this site.
    I don’t speak spanish so I just looked around your photos. Man, are awesome!!! Your work express so much feelings: from sadness to hope, from happiness to solitude, I really mean it, you have an incredible work! I love photo, I go to any expo I hear of, but I’ve seen such pieces of crap called “art”, I think you are much better than a lot so called “artists”. Yo can read and print what people are feeling.
    I am a fan. Keep on!!

  2. Hi Amy!!
    Thanks a lot for your comment, I really appreciate it!
    Actually that card you mention is one of my moo cards, I think you have the one with is this picture.
    But where did you find it?? In barcelona I gave them to my friends, I think someone lost it, but what a great ending of the card!!!
    And again, thanks a lot for your comment! Come around any time!

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